About Nawat al Madinah

Redefining Quality

"Nawat Al Madinah is a leading exporter playing a dominant role in the exports of agricultural produce of dates. We bring modernity to the traditional art of date processing. With our experienced process engineers and state-of-the-art facilities, we raise the bar for dates factories all around the world. Housed in Madinah, we ensure to provide Saudi Arabia's best dates to our consumers with our very, own style. Nawat Al Madinah is one of its very unique and integrated food manufacturing facilities with world-class food hygiene and safety standards."


Taste the difference as we reinforcing the earth-to-plate connection. We strive to expand our exports of fresh dates in the International Market.


Our mission is to expand our unique, natural and reliable brand of Date Fruits to meet the taste and satisfaction of the end consumer with no compromise in quality.